160 cm diameter plastic Hot Tub with internal heater and thermowood finition

Product no.: AD359
Price excl. tax: €1,896.69
Price (incl. tax): €2,295.00



This Hot Tub will be delivered including the following:

  • Polypropylene plastic interior with straight walls (colour creme, black or blue);
  • Thermowood finisching around;
  • Nice wooden edge on top (round or angular) thermowood;
  • Wooden or plastic benches around;
  • 25 kW internal heater with 2 meter chimney with cap;
  • Protection panel made of thermowood;
  • Steps made of thermowood;
  • Wooden cover in 2 parts - thermowood;
  • 2 x stainless steel clamping bands all around - adjustable;
  • Waterdrain on bottomlevel with tap in sidewall;
  • 2 Years guarantee in line with our conditions.
Technical data :


Item Value

Inside diameter
Outside diameter incl. edge on top
Height benches
Width benches

100 cm
160 cm
175 cm
1600 liter
25 kW
30 cm
30 cm