Solartub -160 cm diameter LDPE plastic Tub incl. filtrationsystem and UV with suncollectors installed

Product no.: AD834
Price excl. tax: €2,309.92
Price (incl. tax): €2,795.00

We supply LDPE plastic interiors which offer space for about 4-6 adult persons.  All of them are made based on moulded production with lifetime guarantee.

One of the other advantages is that they are ergonomic shaped with very tapered walls.   

Every Solar tub will be pre-heated by solar energy by means of solarcollectors to be placed on a roof f.e.


Your Solar Tub will be delivered including :

  • 160 cm inside diameter Welltub plasti interior (moulded production) with tapered walls, available in colour white or grey antrazit;
  • Benches 35 cm high and width;
  • Insulationrings under the benches;
  • Filtrationsystem pre installed by us incl. UV lightning and filterglas;
  • Integrated timeswitch for periodical activation pump;
  • Pre-installed wallconnectors (lockable) in its sidewalls;
  • Connection hoses (quality);
  • 2 x 3 metres Suncollectors LDPE black, including metal framework.
Optional :
  • Nice wooden edge 16 cm widht and 3 cm thickness made of thermowood  +350;
  • Integrated bubblesystem incl. 12 nozzles with airpump and switch for on/off ;
  • Integrated massagejetsystem incl. 10-12 ventury jets divided over 2,3 or 4 seats.
Create your own garden pool heated by solar energy .......